BobKat Studios

BobKat Studios are housed in a top secret, dimensionally transcendental location in South Wales, UK, within 25 miles of the Cardiff temporal rift from whence it draws its power.

It is not actually a recording studio in the traditional sense of the word; it is a music room/study for composing. ‘Recording’ is almost totally limited to MIDI / virtual instruments, and as such the “studio” doesn’t require a soundproofed, acoustically treated space with microphones and isolation booths et al.

At the centre of the studio (figuratively; literally it is hidden under a desk) is a PC:

  • Quad-core Intel i7 processor (3.6GHz);
  • 32GB RAM;
  • 3 hard drives (OS / system (250GB SSD), data and audio (1TB) and samples (500GB SSD));
  • Windows 10 Home

The audio interface ('sound card') is an external Focusrite Scarlett 2i4. 

Monitor speakers are a pair of M-Audio BX5 D2’s.

The studio has three monitors: 2 x 23” HP monitors including one capable of the portrait or landscape orientation plus a 42” wall-mounted LG. Late-night composing is possible thanks to a pair of AKG K99 headphones. (And the Waves Nx plugin.)

The PC is used for sequencing/recording/mixing music. The music is mainly written on an iPad or a MacBook.

  • The PC is running Cakewalk Sonar Professional as its DAW (digital audio workstation) software;
  • The iPad and MacBook run Presonus’ Notion;
  • I'm also using MuseScore 2 for editing notation.

Most of the sounds heard on the music emanating from BobKat Studios are created using sampled/virtual/synthesized instruments. The orchestral library is built on Vienna Symphonic Library Special Editions as its foundation. Many of the VSL instruments have been upgraded from the Special Editions for those instruments that tend to be used more prominently: flutes, oboes, horns, basic orchestral percussion, cymbals, harp, etc. The VSL harpsichord has also been added to the instruments included in the Special Editions.

Strings come from LA Scoring Strings, except featured solo violin which uses the Chris Hein Solo Violin.

Brass is provided by EastWest Hollywood Brass Gold. 

A partial list of instruments is detailed below:

Sample Libraries & Virtual Instruments


Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) except where indicated otherwise:

  • Brass: EastWest Hollywood Brass Gold (plus VSL for additional trombones);
  • Ensemble, divisi & solo strings: LA Scoring Strings except for featured solo violin (Chris Hein Solo Violin);
  • Orchestral Percussion: VSL (bass drums, snare/side/field drums, orchestral toms & cymbals) plus EWQL Stormdrum (1), 8Dio Epic Room Percussion, Epic Toms Ensemble, Epic Taiko Ensemble & Epic Frame Drum Ensemble
  • Indiginus Bar Chimes
  • HandHeld Scoring Mallets (xylophone)
  • Cinesamples Triangle ;
  • Piano: Steinway Model D: Toontrack EZKeys Grand Piano;
  • Pipe Organ: Samplephonics Leeds Town Hall Organ;
  • Harpsichord: VSL Harpsichord;
  • Choir: EWQL Symphonic Choir Gold;


Hardware Instruments & Controllers

  • Keyboards: Studiologic SL-990 XP 88-key weighted master keyboard, IK Mulitmedia iRig Keys​;
  • Drums & Percussion: Session Pro DD506 + Roland V-Drum PD-80R Snare, Alesis PercPad​;
  • Bass Guitar: Yamaha BB604 + Hartke HD25 bass amp​;
  • Wind Synth:  Akai USB EWI


 Electric guitars are recorded using Native Instruments GuitarRig 5 Pro; 'acoustic guitars' are recorded using a Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer.

Studio Effects & Plugins