Composer (unreleased), Novelist (unpublished) & Guitarist (unemployed)


This is the website of Rob Thorpe: author of an unpublished novel, composer of some unreleased music, webmaster of an uninspired website, and husband to an uncommonly lovely wife.

My current (as at July 2017) projects are an orchestral suite / concept album, called The Other Planets and my first novel, titled Time & Hope & Elephants.

The Other Planets

Music for orchestra+, inspired by Holst's The Planets, filmmusic and the planets of cult TV, film and books. Follow my progress on the Other Planets blog and/or like the Other Planets Facebook page.

Time & Hope & Elephants

A lightly comic science fiction adventure novel about a mismatched group of  accidental time travellers who unwillingly and unwittingly become embroiled in the fall and rise (not necessarily in that order) of the megalomaniac Tyson Lazarus and his shadowy followers, the Knights Temporal. Currently the first draft runs to 73,000 words of my target of 75,000. Chapter One can be downloaded here.

The Doctor Who Theme

My latest version of the classic theme from Doctor Who is available on the brilliant Whomix site. It's called 'Dr Who Theme 2014', please check it out, plus the other mixes there.