Welcome to the Website of ROB THORPE

(Guitarist (unemployed), Novelist (unpublished), Composer (unreleased) & Human Being (undaunted))


I'm Rob. I play guitar, compose music and write novels. Welcome to my website. 

My Band

In 2020  I plan (or at least, had planned, before the world went into lockdown) to start gigging again, as guitarist with a new band--The Axe Factor--which will play a rock/rock-blues tribute to my guitar heroes Gary Moore, (Dr) Brian May of Queen and many more. 

My Album

My album, The Other Planets--a suite of original, mainly orchestral music inspired by Holst's The Planets, filmmusic & the planets of science-fiction films, books & TV shows is available from:

On this site you will find a link to a blog about the music, details of the gear used to write and record it, plus album art including 'virtual CD' liner notes.

As well as The Other Planets, my YouTube and SoundCloud channels include additional music tracks I have written and/or arranged, such as:

My Novel

The first draft of my first novel, called Time & Hope & Elephants is almost complete, and will hopefully be published  in 2021.

Thanks for visiting,